Together We Heal

Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We are here to provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal, give direction to those seeking guidance and to expose sexual predators for what they are and their methods of getting into our lives.

Qualified Therapists/Counselors/Coaches Needed! **Updated 11/5/2014**


Our needs are increasing for more therapists/counselors. Please read and contact us ASAP!!

My name is David Pittman and I am the Executive Director for “Together We Heal”. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides cost-free counseling/therapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Additionally we give presentations, workshops and seminars on how parents can better protect their children from sexual predators.

We already work with dozens of licensed therapists, counselors and life-coaches, who donate their time and talent in order to help survivors begin the healing process and work through the multiple mental health challenges they face. But that number still isn’t enough.

With ever-increasing healthcare costs combined with the limitations placed on mental healthcare providers, as well as the rising number of survivors coming forward, we find ourselves in greater need of more therapists/counselors willing to work with us to help survivors of abuse.

It is with these factors in mind that I come to you now asking for your generosity. We need more volunteers who are qualified in working with victims who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Below is a brief list of the variety of challenges these survivors face and we need for you to have experience in these areas.

Abandonment Issues
Addiction & Recovery
Anger Issues
Attachment and Abuse Issues
Depression and Anxiety
Panic Disorder and Phobias
Personality Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

I know this is an unorthodox approach of reaching out to professionals, but we are in desperate times, and these survivors need us to take drastic measures. We are following the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital model, that no one be turned away because they can’t afford it.

We do not ask for or require any minimum time from any of our volunteers. Whatever time you are able to give, we are grateful for and appreciate. Even if you can help just one or two survivors, that would be a tremendous gift! And the need is not just in the U.S., we need therapists/counselors from all over the world as people reaching out to us come from all continents.

I know what I am asking is not easy, but I also know there are enough good-hearted people in this world who are willing to help these survivors. I know because I am a survivor of CSA and its because I had the good fortune of having such a therapist come into my life and help me that I am where I am today. It is to you I am speaking directly.

Please contact me at (754) 234-7975 or email me at – Contact me anytime and I will respond ASAP.

When emailing, please send your CV, resume, list of certifications/degrees, or the life experience you’ve had that qualifies you to help others, so we can go through the proper vetting process.

One last point. We aren’t looking for cookie-cutter therapists and counselors. The needs of survivors vary tremendously and because of that, we have people from many types of backgrounds that work together with us. Being a survivor of abuse or having life experience can be just as important as a degree on the wall. What we need are folks that genuinely care for and want to help others. Please keep this in mind and allow your heart to guide you when considering becoming a part of this amazing team.


David Pittman
Executive Director, Together We Heal

Author: Together We Heal

In 2006 David took the first step in acknowledging the sexual abuse that was perpetrated against him from the ages of 12 to 15. During those 3 years, the foundation his family had worked so hard to build within him was destroyed by one man, his youth minister. The result was his heart, mind and faith were lost. After having kept this secret for more than 25 years, he was finally able to reveal to his family and friends the reason behind the addiction and self-destruction that at times had him incarcerated, eventually left him destitute and nearly ended his life. Fortunately he was blessed with amazing friends and a loving family who helped him get the help and therapy he so desperately needed. He was finally able to get clean from the grip of addiction and face the demon of sexual abuse that had clouded his life for so long. Now he and his wife work to aid their fellow survivors through the non-profit they created, Together We Heal. The mission of Together We Heal is to provide guidance for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, educating parents and all adults through public speaking on matters concerning Childhood Sexual Abuse and giving a safe forum for victims of abuse to share, learn and heal. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Seuss Follow us on Twitter @Together_WeHeal "Like" us on Facebook - Visit our website -

26 thoughts on “Qualified Therapists/Counselors/Coaches Needed! **Updated 11/5/2014**

  1. I graduate in 2015 with a bachelors in Psychology and an interest in Ending Human Trafficking. I wish to educate worldwide on Human Trafficking as well as Healthy Masculinity programs


  2. No, but I will be needing one in a semester or two


  3. Reblogged this on Male Sex Abuse and commented:
    I’ve benefited an they do need more to help people that can’t afford therapist. I look forward to a day when I can donate money to help the organization.


    • I meant to tell you sooner, but thank you! We are having another “call for therapists/counselors” due to the recent increase of survivors coming to us for help. Please be sure to pass along again when u have time. Thanks so much for your help!!! Let me know if anyone responds to the Male Sex Abuse page.


  4. Hi I am a counsellor. Whereabouts are you based? I would be happy to volunteer for you


  5. I m associate professor in Psychology,n did a diploma in Counseling also.How ur organization can I help u. My profession is teaching,but keen interest Counseling.


  6. I am willing to join you for counseling. As I am from India I can give only online counseling. I had done masters in psychology in India.


  7. Hi David, I provide yoga therapies for anger, depression & anxity. see if I can be help. Thanks


  8. I am an LAC in NJ and extremely interested


  9. I am a recent MSW grad and would love to participate are there any spots in NY?


  10. I am a counselor based in Hong Kong and would be willing to contribute via online/skype counseling. I have experience working with adults and adolescents on depression, anxiety issue and personality disorder.


    • Thank you so much for your response and willingness to help those in need. I just sent you an email to the gmail account you gave. When you have a moment, give it a read and let me know when we can take this upcoming week. I’m looking forward to talking with you! David Pittman


  11. Dear Paul. I like yout invitation. I have been working with survivors of sexual abuse for the past 2 decades now. I hold a masters MA in Criminology and HonsBA (in Criminology/Victimology)(UNISA)(University of South Africa) and is busy planning for my doctorate in Psychotherapy & Counselling (IBAM) in India during 2015. Currently I am the director for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for the Council of Counselors in South Africa (CCSA) where I train counselors, psychologist as well as social workers and clergymen. I have been working with sexual offenders (infantile, pedophiles, pederasts, child molesters & rapists) their families and victims alike. Also I use to apply equine (horse assisted) therapy to assist sexual victims and adult survivors of sexual abuse. This has proven to be very successful. Through my organisation CROWA Africa (The Criminological Re-generational Organisation within Africa). I have also developed an integrative strategy called EEMSQ (Emotional, Ecological, Moral & Sexual Intelligence) development to enhance the healing abilities of sexual victims and survivors. There is also a huge need for overcoming sexual as well as porn addictions which often become a struggle for some survivors after their own cycle of abuse. Also there is a great need for rape victims to get proper assistance in Southern Africa & Africa. Your call for qualified therapists and counselors is definitely well on time. Even in South Africa and throughout Africa this is a service in urgently demand as the mainstream clinical psychology and associated psychological and social serves in our country do not cater for this unique need. As a Criminologist, Victimologist and Specialist Counselor (also quality assured training provider and registered assessor & moderator), I would gladly like to participate in your programme accordingly. Let me know how I can join in and contribute accordingly. I also have a non-profitable, non-governmental Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) through which we attempt to secure funding to continue our unique services to victims & survivors of sexual abuse not only in South Africa but also in Africa and globally. Keep up your good work. I am looking forward hearing from you and perhaps working together soon!


  12. I would be happy to help. I am skilled at trauma care, etc. I think you know my background. Please contact me for discussion. Will be in office today.
    Thanks David.


  13. Hi..Iam therapist in Kenya,Africa..How can I be involved please?


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