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Is The American Dream Becoming The American Nightmare?


Hellen Keller was once asked, “Is there anything worse than being blind?” She replied, “Yes, the most pathetic person in the world, is someone with sight, but no vision.”

Hellen Keller said this decades ago. And sadly it’s where I believe my country, the United States of America, is at this very moment in time. We have, as a nation, all the abilities and resources known to mankind, and yet all too often we allow our most precious resource and the most vulnerable, to be continually dismissed, neglected, abused and laid to rest without a second thought…our children.

We have the ability to “see”, but have no effective “vision” for protecting our children. Not a single day passes as we read about yet another child being sexually abused. I know because I’m posting these stories on our website. I actually have to limit and keep it to a minimum for fear that people would stop reading. That, and the toll it takes on my psyche.

So why is it that with all of the abilities and resources we have, we fail as a society to protect them? I had a close friend of mine, Patrick Tomlinson, point out something to me I had not considered. He said the following, “In some ways I think the American Dream is a problem – there is an idealization by many Americans of how ‘great’ the country is – this then makes it challenging to raise some of the not so great realities into public focus. Maybe we should talk less about being great, the land of the free, etc., and more about tackling some of the serious issues that plague children’s/people’s lives?”

And then he brought up another point that really struck a chord with me because it’s an issue I had to deal with. He said, “In the writing you’re doing about the problem of religious groups covering up sexual abuse, how much cover up and denial goes on in the USA – it’s huge. If you are a pedophile you may be protected by the law, but not a drug user who might be blotting out the pain of abuse. While some perpetrators remain free, people who have committed drug related offenses often connected to their trauma, end up in prison.” It was as if he hit me over the head. My own abuser walks free to this day and sexually abused many others after me, meanwhile I became addicted to narcotics to cover the pain and ended up incarcerated for possession. But I’ve already shared that story with you and it’s not the focus of today. The point is how we let offenders go, frequently.

Just last week I posted a story about a pastor of a Baptist church in Iowa who confessed and was convicted of raping four teen boys. He was sentenced to 17 years…only to have a judge overturn the sentence to NO JAIL TIME. This is a perfect example of what Patrick was speaking. We are so consumed with consumption and the belief in this “great” nation but we are failing when it comes to protecting our children. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my county and I DO believe it’s one of the best in the world. But if we don’t change our attitudes and treatment of children, we won’t have the bright future we always hoped to have. I know it’s a cliché to say, the children are our future, but it’s the truth. And if we don’t start defending them from these sexual predators and a judicial system that gives protection to the offenders, these same children will remember when they are older and in charge and will say “to hell with you” when it comes our time to be the ones in need. And frankly, the way we are behaving now, we will deserve it.

The issue is straightforward, as is the answer. Right now, the statute of limitation laws on sex crimes against children are so pathetic, they allow pedophiles/sexual predators to commit hundreds of offenses without fear of prosecution. We MUST make it a nationwide law, and quit trying to go state by state. Make it so there are NO statute of limitations on sex crimes against children. While this won’t help past crimes, it will begin to change the outcome of the future and will let victims know they can finally come forward when a crime has been perpetrated against them. Or if we must go state by state, then please help us do something about it. Demand of every congressman in the nation, if they don’t pass the law now, next election you will put someone in office who will. And hold them to it. Don’t say, well my congressman is good and he/she is trying…horse hockey! Hold their feet to the fire, make them get it done, or boot them out of office.

The law in the USA is in marked contrast to that in other countries. For instance in the UK there is no protection of sexual offenders who committed crimes, however long ago. This has been evident with the recent scandals regarding TV celebrities, many of them family entertainers and household names, some even knighted. One such person, who is now over 80 years old is sentenced to prison. The issue should not be how long ago did the crime(s) take place but whether the person is guilty or not. Of course, it takes a degree of bravery as a nation to have laws like this, no doubt in the UK difficulty and embarrassment have also been caused to the establishment who worked with some of these pedophiles. And then there are the potential law suits against institutions such as the BBC. So it could be argued that the powers that be would have a vested interest in limiting the occurrence of these situations – the current statute of limitations works against the victims of childhood sexual abuse who cannot always talk about the crimes perpetrated against them, until many years later. And unfortunately it does protect pedophiles/sexual predators who remain free to commit further crimes.

Today in the USA, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. That’s ridiculous for this nation, and we as humans to allow this to happen. And we do allow it to happen by not doing enough to prevent it. The responsibility for this cannot be expected to lie solely with Government Policy, Social Work and Child Protection agencies – it is a responsibility for us as citizens, communities and society. Also of our institutions, schools, churches, synagogues, etc., some of whom are protecting these predators and we’re allowing them to do that too. They pay hush-money or deny or cover-up. And because, as Patrick pointed out, we don’t want to think our great nation has that “bad” of a problem, the reality is too painful, so we are tempted to collude and deny.

I’ll quote my friend again, “After all these years, we have the ‘greatest nation on earth’ and some of the most trusted people in society prey on and abuse children and as you have said, worse than that they can be protected by the system and sometimes those in power – this has been evident in religious institutions that have actively attempted to cover up child abuse.

Ask yourself this one question, why? Why do we continue to allow these crimes to happen? One answer is very simple, we don’t think it will happen to our kids. It’s only when someone dies at an intersection do lawmakers put up a traffic light. The same attitude is with childhood sexual abuse (CSA). The only ones you hear saying anything are those who have been abused. Unfortunately, although our numbers are staggeringly high, it’s just too difficult for most to come forward. And because generally the squeaky wheel gets the grease, victims of CSA go without justice because they are afraid to come forward. So it’s up to the rest of our civilized society. We need this great nation to finally step up, live up to its great name and be the voice for the voiceless, lend strength to those without the might and be courageous for those living in fear and shame of the awful crimes perpetrated against them. Please help. We cannot do this on our own. We need you as a nation to quit looking the other way, and be the nation our forefathers intended…one that protects its children.

If the saying is true, “the meaning of life is to give life meaning”, then what does it say about us as a nation of we fail to give our children’s life meaning, or worse, allow theirs to be stolen from them by sexual predators as we sat by and did nothing?

Act now…be the reason our children’s lives have meaning.

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Author: Together We Heal

In 2006 David took the first step in a long and painful journey back from the abyss of addiction and self-destruction. He promised his dying father that he would get clean. And he did. But as he cleaned his body and soul, he began to confront the sexual abuse that his addiction had for so long obscured — abuse perpetrated by a church youth minister when David was 12 to 15 years old. Those three years of abuse destroyed the foundation of love and faith that had been built by his family. For 25 years, David kept the abuse secret and lost himself in a fog of drugs and alcohol. He was by turns destitute, at times incarcerated. The promise to his dying father was the catalyst. And the bedrock of his mother’s love and devotion was the foundation on which David rebuilt his life. Therapy, 12-step meetings, and soul-deep determination were the bricks and mortar. David founded Together We Heal to provide fellow survivors and their families, guidance through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. In 2015 he was asked to become a part of the Child Safeguarding Initiative team with GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse. David represents Together We Heal & GRACE across the country as a public speaker and instructor; teaching churches, schools, and families how to talk with their kids about sexual abuse, how to better identify predatory behavior, and how to properly respond to those harmed. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Seuss

34 thoughts on “Is The American Dream Becoming The American Nightmare?

  1. Dear Dave,
    Your rpedator is not & never a free man because you survived him in a way that he never could have expected.
    Not only did you survive him but by your own healing process and social networking he can’t escape from you.
    You make sure that he and others, men and women, like him cannot forget what they have done.
    No escape left!

    Lots of energy!


  2. Catharina– great point made!! You are absolutely right–Frankie Wylie is not a free man– David, you are making sure of that by speaking out and helping others!! God bless you for your courage to hopefully help give others strength to speak out, to survive, and begin healing.


  3. Hi David,
    As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 36 years, I agree we have a national crisis for children, however, it will NOT be solved with more laws. Americans need to change. Check out what we are doing to help strengthen families.
    Keep up the good work! Stephanie


  4. Hi David. As a rule, I don’t read your blog very much. Not because it is bad, or because you write poorly, or any of that. I find myself only able to read your posts in small bits, like—3 or 4 sentences. Then my breath goes away and I can’t read anymore. It’s as if everything you write–it’s my story. I have thought these same things so many times and felt kind of unpatriotic because I then become either 1. too angry to say anything, or 2. too ashamed to say anything, or 3. I shut my mouth after people tell me how un-American/Christian/patriotic I am for voicing my thoughts. And yes, I then, in my polite, Southern born and raised female persona—SHUT UP.

    I haven’t made it as far as you have. But your story and mine are so much alike (youth pastor stalked me and obsessed on me, raped me, church members blamed me, I turned to narcotics, I lost my nursing license due to my addiction, and my whole life went to hell. AGAIN. And my perpetrator is living out his retirement in the loving gazes of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He is revered and loved, and to this day, the folks in my hometown send well wishes and “we love you!!” through Facebook and Twitter on his birthday.

    But I chose to read this article. I thought, “It can’t be too bad, after all, I just LOST MY HOUSE [I HAD FOR 14 YEARS BECAUSE I LOST MY NURSING JOB BECAUSE I LOST MY LICENSE BECAUSE I HAD A NARCOTIC ADDICTION TO KILL THE PAIN]. Maybe I can now sit and read this article and commiserate with the homeowners who are in economic straits due to the economy and the housing market crash—but what’s David doing writing about that? Shoulda known.

    I applaud you for your writings. Stephanie above said “it will NOT be solved with more laws. Americans need to change.” I haven’t read the website she recommended, but I really don’t want to. I have, as you have, been a victim of the shitty laws that allow abusers to keep breaking the law and that force people like you and I to be unable to recoup ANY DAMN THING IN THE WORLD because of the SOL running out. I’ve been told by so many attorneys that they wish they could help but that’s the law—I have stopped trying. I have stopped talking. And Stephanie, I probably won’t read your website. Damn right, Americans need to change. BUT THE LAWS DO NEED TO CHANGE ALSO. I’m 53, hopefully I have a few years left, and it would be so nice to be able to live comfortably knowing I won’t have to scrape for every cent I make due to the consequences of my addiction that ended in 1997. I’d like to be able to rest and to practice my chosen profession and make some money and not have to worry all the time about bills. I went from making $92K per year to—maybe $18K. If that. Because I was trying to kill my pain the only way that worked. The only option I had. Meanwhile, back at the retirement home–my abuser sits and basks in the sun, reads his bible, and enjoys being the resident spiritual leader for a community of seniors he now lives with. He enjoys visits from his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and gets mail from his faithful followers from the churches he helped pastor.

    Precious little is solved except the problem of me talking and other people feeling uncomfortable because they never know what to say. “Brother Kicker is such a GOOD man.” In fact…this is the first time I have ever said his name in public–well, public writing at least. My every impulse is to go back and erase, but I’m not, I’m going to hit the post button before I chicken out.

    Nice work. Maybe one day we will be able to meet and talk.


    • Hey Susan,

      I would very much like to meet and talk with you sometime. And not when all our teeth have fallen out and I can’t remember my name! 🙂

      I would genuinely like it to happen sooner than that. If you would feel comfortable in doing so. Currently I live in south Florida, but I travel almost monthly to Atlanta and also to other parts of the southeast and Texas. Are you ever in or near those areas?

      And just so you know it would be safe, I would have my fiancé with me. 🙂 and at the very least there’s always that little thing called the telephone, I hear it works pretty well…when the sun is shining and reception isn’t obscured by solar flares 🙂

      On a serious note, thank you for taking the time to read this latest post. I do understand the challenge in reading some of what I write. It took me decades to even acknowledge my abuse, much less be able to talk and write about it. So know I would never rush you or make you feel pressured to talk about it. That would be entirely up to you. But if nothing else, just so you would know there’s someone who “gets it” and can be an ear to hear, I’m here for you. From this point on you now know you’re never alone to face the challenge of CSA. I got your back!

      My direct email is and my number is 754.234.7975 – please feel free to call or email me anytime.



  5. Thank you Susan! My heart and prayers are with you! Thank you Dave– this is one of your finest blogs!


  6. After reading several comments I am glad that after decades I was able to make the choice to be a survivor and not a victim.
    The abuse happened to me and I was to young and afraid to take action against it.
    The addictions were (aren’t anymore!) my way of coping, selfmedication.
    The moment that I took responsibility for my pain was the same moment that I took responsibility for the way I was coping with my pain.

    They wounded me but instead off going straight away for the right treatment I was wounding myself further.

    In my opinion is the voice of a victim weak and the voice of a survivor is strong.

    The predators are acting a happy life on the outside but which is far from the truth.
    They are living a lie through life because when they would be realistic than they would be confronted with the fact that they are the biggest loosers on earth.
    They need to use innocent children to forget about their own pain.
    In jail predators are the lowest of lowest.

    If I would be stuck in the beleive that they are living the good life while my life would still be a mess than, in my opinion, I would be still victimazing myself.

    Now, after being far enough in my own healing process, by my work, I have my own practice, I can coach others into living their own lifes.
    No more fighting against was has happened but fighting for yourself in whatever way.

    The best revenge is that you and I are finally living a realistic happy life.
    Breaking the silence is breaking the circle!

    I can’t thank you enough Dave for all the energy you are putting in this work.

    Lots of healing energy!


  7. I’m glad this post came across my path. Thank you for putting thoughts into words, words onto blog, in such an articulate fashion. If only perpetrators could have a crisis of conscience in retirement, but then, that would make them human when in fact they are evil sociopaths who have no conscience.


  8. And one other thing. How poignant the comparison your friend made: Perpetrators are serving little time in prison–or not at all. But my coping mechanism was narcotics. I was lucky not to be placed in prison for a long time. You figure it out. I’m a nurse, I gave pain…uh…I TOOK them. That’s now a felony. And, your friend was SO RIGHT—with the current 3 strikes laws—people just like us are spending life in prison because of their addictions—but their—our—addictions numbed the pain.

    I live in Birmingham, AL. I could drive to ATL. Let me know. It is 3 hours from here.

    I know I have to go a long way yet. And I really am much better than I was even 6 months ago. I am in counseling off and on. It’s funny, I was in rehab 3 times. I’ve been to counselors, psychiatrist, therapists, and retreats. Always looking for a method to cope with my pain, depression, and anxiety.

    Until 2012, I NEVER MENTIONED TO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE THAT I WAS A CSA VICTIM. It never came up. I was just depressed, but for the life of us (me and my therapists), we couldn’t figure out why.

    David, do you text?


    • I hear you Susan. And I genuinely understand, having walked in your same shoes. That would be great if we could meet in Atlanta sometime. Or, as I am able travel more, once I get surgery on my back, we could even visit with you in Alabama. Bama is where my family came from and still lives, though lower down in Enterprise, Dothan, etc., it we will figure out a time/place and I look forward to it! 🙂

      And yes I text. Send me an email to with your number and we can chat via text also.



  9. What a fantastic quote by Helen Keller “Yes, the most pathetic person in the world, is someone with sight, but no vision” and how very true it is!

    I agree with your friend Patrick Tomlinson, we need to focus on the serious issue at hand to save those in America. When we suffer abuse of any kind, we must confront and heal the source of the pain first before we can overcome the addiction that is covering up the pain.

    And I love what you say about nationwide laws. How beneficial this would be.
    I also want to add something here in regards to punishment for the crime. In quoting from Mark 9:42-48
    “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.

    If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out. And if your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than to have two feet and be thrown into hell.

    And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell,

    where ‘the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.’
    With all of this plainly written in the bible and my being a believer, I have to wonder if God would have death be the best punishment for those that molest, sexually abuse, sexually assault, etc. (It’s all rape).

    Cutting a penis off would not be a good enough of punishment because the crime of rape is committed by the heart and the mind. It’s committed by a person not capable of loving another in a pure, healthy human capacity. It is committed by pure evil.
    These are just my thoughts.


  10. Your statements and stories have hit home with me and we obviously share the same thoughts as survivors. I am TRULY blessed I survived the abuse as well as I did. I owe my healing to God who brought me to where I am today.

    Here is an brief statement of my story:

    I was a victim, and more importantly, now a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape. For more than 3 years the man who was my adopted father forced himself on me sexually during my teen years. I sought help from the only person I felt I should be able to turn to– my adopted mother, but she did nothing and permitted the abuse to continue. (I was adopted by this couple at the age of 5.) I believe she did so to protect herself from the scandal it would create within the community and the church. Finally these horrible things ended when I was about seventeen. These adults were church going people (he was a preacher) and well thought of in the rural Indiana community.

    It took me a long time to come to terms with what happened to me and to heal. I have spoken with counselors and church leaders as part of the process. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and children. But now I feel the need to use what happened to me in a way that can help others who have suffered or are suffering through similar anguish.

    I have been busy the last few months – created my own website and email at I met with my local legislatures (Congressman Wittman and his Legislative Aid) in October, 2012 in attempt to have a legislative bill introduced so there will be NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (nationwide. instead of just state-by-state) for placing criminal charges against any abuser/perpetrator. Sexual abuse/assault is a crime, no matter when or where it happened. The abuser/perpetrator should not walk free to abuse others! So far, no one has listened. It is a long, arduous road – but I have not given up! I have also created a Sexual Abuse/Assault Support Group in my local area.

    I posted a petition last fall to change the childhood sexual laws nationwide so there is NO statute of limitations for victims/survivors to report and prosecute their abusers. Indiana law currently states that no one past the age of 31 can prosecute for childhood sexual abuse. I spoke with a prosecuting attorney and 3 different practicing attorneys.

    Laws need to be created as consequence for one’s negative behavior that has a negative impact on another human being. We cannot necessarily ‘change’ people, but we must have laws that protect. As I searched and read the internet last summer, I was astounded by the number of others just like me who are also survivors. It began to turn my stomach. My abuser walks free today as though nothing happened. Although the appropriate authorities have been contacted, due to the SOL being passed, they (abuser and enabler) are protected. I have no idea how many others may have been affected that he has been in contact with over the years with the various community positions he has held.

    Upon reading the different stories, I know God has blessed me by bringing me out of the abuse and dysfunctional household to where He has today. He has brought me to a place where I can reach out and be a help to others. Although I cannot prosecute for my abuse, I can certainly ‘pass on’ what God did for me. It is certainly difficult to ‘wrap your mind around’ why someone would hurt another human being that way. I have a willing heart for anyone who needs someone to listen and understand. God Bless !!


    • DeAnn,

      I applaud you!! I am wanting to press charges against my abusers in NC and I’m concerned the statute of limitations has run out for me too. I have considered suing the state. Has anyone tried that? I live on the other side of the US now but my abuser is still in NC and most likely still abusing. I don’t have proof of current victims but given the profile and what he/they were doing years ago, the professionals I’ve consulted with here (both psychological and legal) concur that he is most likely still abusing. I’ve been working through the memories since last Oct and am now ready to pursue the matter legally. Problem is, my abuse occurred 40 years ago and I just this year regained the full memories (always had a glimpse of it but not enough to understand what was really happening. I was 5 when the abuse started.) It has been suggested that given the nature of some of my memories, I may have been drugged. I am pursuing medical records (HOPING they are still there) as I was hospitalized for another matter at 7 and an object was found in me – so there is proof (or there was…), if I can find it.

      However, most likely the statute of limitations has run out and I am brainstorming on how to approach this. I am determined to take this as far as humanly possible. Not sure yet what this battle will hold but I’m ready to start now.

      Just curious if anyone has heard of suing a state to remove statute of limitations?



      • I am not certain on suing a state for this type of situation; however, the State of Florida has been sued by children in foster care for sexual abuse from foster parents.


      • I am sorry, I forgot to add, I tried getting my childhood medical records from that timeframe of which the sexual abuse occurred. Last fall I learned unfortunately the local doctor passed away and all records destroyed that were not retrieved.


  11. David,
    I’m with you 100%. So my question is – what can I do? I have been working through memories for the last year – memories I had hints of but didn’t make sense – now they do. Now that I understand what was REALLY happening from ages 5-7 AND with the surprise discovery that one of the main abusers STILL lives in the SAME neighborhood along with his son (who was abused with me) and wife (whom I remember but not sure if she was a willing participant or not). Knowing this was a group of people (some neighbors but I don’t remember names) and the nature of what was going on, I am CERTAIN they are still in business and still hurting children. SO, I plan to attempt to file charges but I’m pretty sure statute of limitations are out for me (this was 40 years ago when it started.) There WAS proof (I was hospitalized for another matter and something was found but my family was in denial and found another way to explain it) Not sure if the hospital would have 40 year old records but that is my next step – to try to retrieve that.

    My latest thought – if statute of limitations has run out – is to sue the state. Anyone tried that? If I could even find an atty to help me with that (we are talking about North Carolina – the south – Bible Belt…) what are the odds it would work? My brain is working to think of what case law or expert information would have enough needed pull to carry a lawsuit like that? (Not to mention I live 2500 miles from North Carolina at this point – how to carry on a lawsuit from that far away? We are common folk – lower middle class. Not a lot of resources available for such an endeavor at this point but I know there has to be a way. The way I see it is: it’s not impossible – it just hasn’t been done yet.)

    I am determined to fight this as far as humanly possible. My first step is to (1) talk with family members (as we are in a good relationship now and since they are very supportive NOW – I want them to be prepared for what I’m about to do) (2) research the medical records and then (3) attempt to file charges. After that – I’m sure the fight will be on.

    I’m a practical person and a realist – so give me some practical ideas. What can we do to make this a reality? I’m all in.


  12. David, you are my hero! Thank you for the site!! I may have a chance here. Sexual offense against a minor has no statute of limitations in NC (if I’m reading this correctly.) I have a bit of work to do and then I will be back to fight for others.
    Thank you!!


  13. I could not possibly agree more. There needs to be a national law forbidding child abuse of any sort; especially sexual. There are several states who are trying to add child sexual abuse to their capital charges list. I say I support it 100%. Though it should be federal law, we can only hope that with their petitions comes awareness and the desire to follow. There is no other way to stop the continual pain and suffering of infants and children through adolescence upward.


  14. Thank you DeAnn. We are working as hard as we can to help survivors of CSA everywhere. Peace be with you. 🙂


  15. The “War on Drugs” campaign was a complete failure. It put the focus on punishing the drug user with jail or prison which is an extremely ineffective way to treat addiction. Prison and jails tend to only increase and encourage the problem and add more behavior problems to an already troubled individual. In the meantime, pedophiles and sex offenders are completely free to continue their sexual violence to children. Do you think there will ever be a time that our US government will declare a “War on Child Sexual Abuse”? If the children are our future and our most precious resource for this country then shouldn’t we protect our most precious resource?

    I did not know about the laws in the UK for statute of limitations regarding CSA. This is eye opening for me. Thank you once again for another excellent article.


    • Hey Paula,

      I’m not a fan of any of the so-called “wars on…”

      Let’s face it, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, etc., all they really are is politicians making grandstanding gestures signifying nothing.

      I believe the only REAL change comes about from grassroots movements, demanding laws be changed and continuing to vote out the ones who won’t make it happen until we get the one in office who will. It’s only when politicians are scared of losing power that they act. That’s the ONLY thing they are moved by, fear of losing their cushy D.C. address.

      So that’s why we keep writing, speaking and demanding that our current lawmakers make the change or we will change who sits in the chair they currently occupy.

      Perfect examples are the Civil Rights movement, Equal Rights for Women…those had real change, and we must follow in their footsteps to see the same ACTUAL changes come to pass.


    • Hey Paula, I also meant to tell you…thank you for the kind words and encouragement! It means more to me than I can adaquately express. Thanks so much!


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  17. Hi David,

    Another excellent post. I agree with you, laws need to change, children need and deserve to be protected from sexual predators. Thanks so much for caring and being out there and active on these issues.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.



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