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Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal. We work to expose sexual predators and their methods of getting into our lives.

“We can’t prove sex with children does them harm” says Labour-linked NCCL


The following are excerpts of an article in the “Express” newspaper from the U.K. It is examples such as this that show why our fight to protect children from sexual predators/pedophiles is not just far from over, it seems as though it’s only begun. To think that a person, possibly a parent, in such a powerful position, would hold these views is beyond the pale.

I have taken some samples of what they determined but please go to the link, read the full article and do even more research. If you do, as I have, you will be disturbed beyond words at what this group tried to have done.

Evidence has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Here are some of their beliefs:

“Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.

“The Criminal Law Commission should be prepared to accept the evidence from follow-up research on child ‘victims’ which show there is little subsequent effect after a child has been ‘molested’.

“The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.

“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”

It was only after Ms. Hewitt had been “outed” as a pedophile sympathizer that she reluctantly gave excuses. But to this day has made no apologies.

Mrs Hewitt, 65, was general secretary between 1974 and 1983. After days of intense pressure, the former Labour MP for Leicester West finally admitted last week the NCCL was “naive and wrong” over its ties to PIE.

She has expressed her “regret” over the NCCL’s involvement with PIE but has pointedly declined to apologize.

This is why we must do all we can to protect children. We are not “chicken-little” when we say pedophile supporters hold positions of authority. This is just one example of TOO MANY where our point is proven.

At one time and/or currently, the following are just a few – Pennsylvania State University football program, the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, Jimmy Savile and so many of his broadcasting, parliamentary and entertainment scoundrels. The list is sadly endless.

Help us to help those who cannot defend themselves. Help us watch over our children and assist adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse get the aid they so dearly deserve.

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Author: Together We Heal

In 2006 David took the first step in a long and painful journey back from the abyss of addiction and self-destruction. He promised his dying father that he would get clean. And he did. But as he cleaned his body and soul, he began to confront the sexual abuse that his addiction had for so long obscured — abuse perpetrated by a church youth minister when David was 12 to 15 years old. Those three years of abuse destroyed the foundation of love and faith that had been built by his family. For 25 years, David kept the abuse secret and lost himself in a fog of drugs and alcohol. He was by turns destitute, at times incarcerated. The promise to his dying father was the catalyst. And the bedrock of his mother’s love and devotion was the foundation on which David rebuilt his life. Therapy, 12-step meetings, and soul-deep determination were the bricks and mortar. David founded Together We Heal to provide fellow survivors and their families, guidance through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. In 2015 he was asked to become a part of the Child Safeguarding Initiative team with GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse. David represents Together We Heal & GRACE across the country as a public speaker and instructor; teaching churches, schools, and families how to talk with their kids about sexual abuse, how to better identify predatory behavior, and how to properly respond to those harmed. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Seuss

13 thoughts on ““We can’t prove sex with children does them harm” says Labour-linked NCCL

  1. A child needs a safe environment to develop her/his feelings that are age-bound.
    Confronted with the unhealthy interest of an adult a child can’t make a realistic decision because the first reaction of the child will be out of fear.
    The sick adult already planned it while the child didn’t and couldn’t know what was going on.
    A child that is sexual abused is scarred for life if he/she is able to survive.
    The denial of a child is only to protect him-/herself until he/she is strong enough to cope with the pain of what really happened.
    Sadly in still to many cases that doesn’t happen and to survive they live a life of denial what can lead into becoming an abuser themselves in order not to feel their own pain.

    It is always wrong to project the needs of an adult, whatever those needs may be, on a child.
    This troubled woman needs from children to hear that the sexual abuse wasn’t so bad.
    Shame on her because this would be another trauma for the children.


  2. People like that…if you can’t prove that sex with children does them harm, then you aren’t really looking at the children. No child wants to have sex with an adult. They want to be and feel loved. If the only way they can have that is through sex, they’ll do it and come to believe it’s a good thing, but they don’t want it to begin with and it does do lasting harm, both physically and psychologically. Then, you factor in that it’s very rarely done willingly (truly willingly) and you’ve got further psychological harm.


  3. Thank you for sharing this article David. It’s still hard to believe there are people like this in the world. Maybe that’s what Eve said to Adam when she found out about their son Abel’s death.


  4. Dave, thanks for pointing this issue out to your devoted readers. This group is much like the US-based group NAMBLA (which is going by another name these days), and the piece is much like the work of “False Memory” group founders Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefiled, whose work I exposed in the mid-1990s resulted in Underwager’s resignation from the board of a major backlash organization, and he never testified as an “expert” in court again. The publication was “Paedika” and was a pro-pedophilia publication from the Netherlands that claimed to be “peer-reviewed.” In that interview that Underwager and Wakefield gave, they claimed that pedophiles could make the claim that “sex between adults and children” was not harmful, and that pedophiles should fight for the same rights as gays and lesbians, as well as blacks. They framed it as a civil rights issue. When I interviewed Underwager for my publication, and asked if it was accurate, he expressed surprise that it was printed and distributed in the USA. I suspect that they never thought this interview would see the light of day in this country. Well, it did, and it essentially ruined him and cast doubt on these initial co-founders of this False Memory group. If you google his name, you can read about it and their official response in their journal. It is quite mind-blowing.

    In the US, NAMBLA latched on to the LGBT community and unfortunately some allowed them to do so, believing that they were an oppressed group. It took much fighting locally for us to fight this group and to get their material out of our bookstores. This was back in the 1980s. The fight against these pro-pedophilia groups has gone on for years, but we did much to expose them and their agenda back in the 80s and 90s. In the US, this group is of little influence now. The “researchers” who supported them are also defunct. Most reasonable people believe that there are those who will support pedophiles, and if their is grant money involved, some will actually take this issue on to research and to try to discredit other professionals and survivors. There is so much overwhelming research that proves the damage that child abuse causes that I pay little mind to these rouge studies that pop up ever ten years or so and shock the readers. These people are usually discredited via other researchers who review the methodology and source data, and find flaw after flaw in these studies. Credible groups can and do voice their concerns, and that is the most important factor in getting these “studies” and groups exposed for who and what they are.

    While we would normally tend to ignore such nonsense, it is important to expose these fringe groups for what they are and to take the impact that they can have on some seriously. I don’t allow myself to get as worked-up over them as I once did, as it is clear that they have an agenda and can most-likely be tied to pro-pedophilia groups. They exist, and they existed in large numbers back in the 80s, 90s, and even now. The internet has allowed them to network like never before, and I am in fact participating in a documentary film that deals with this very issue in the early days — when some activist were actually taking investigations into their own hands and ended-up teaching law enforcement how to go about drawing these people out into the open. It’s a fascinating story, and is being done by a major producer and director, and I am proud to be a small part of it. At one time, we could log on and within two clicks of the mouse, be exposed to blatant child sexual abuse chat rooms on a major internet provider’s service. It was unbelievable, and they did nothing to stop it. Stay tuned for when the documentary project is complete and will air. It will be well-worth watching.


  5. Thank you for this article. I cannot believe that people in this day and age can actually think like that. But, wait, some of my cases involve a young girl that was forced to have sex with an older man and now she has a baby. 13 years old and a momma.


  6. Here is another rebuttal to the newspaper article: “We can’t prove sex with children does them harm” says Labour-linked NCCL

    Where is the science to back their statements in the NCCL article?

    I believe Dr. Judith Herman’s opening paragraph found in Chapter 5, Child Abuse, of her book Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror speaks for itself as a rebuttal to this newspaper article:

    “REPEATED TRAUMA in adult life erodes the structure of the personality already formed, but repeated trauma in childhood forms and deforms the personality. The child trapped in an abusive environment is faced with formidable tasks of adapta¬tion. She must find a way to preserve a sense of trust in people who are untrustworthy, safety in a situation that is unsafe, control in a situation that is terrifyingly unpredictable, power in a situation of helplessness. Unable to care for or protect herself, she must compensate for the failures of adult care and protection with the only means at her disposal, an immature system of psychological defenses. The pathological environment of childhood abuse forces the develop¬ment of extraordinary capacities, both creative and destructive. It fosters the development of abnormal states of consciousness in which the ordi-nary relations of body and mind, reality and imagination, knowledge and memory, no longer hold. These altered states of consciousness permit the elaboration of a prodigious array of symptoms, both somatic and psycho¬logical. And these symptoms simultaneously conceal and reveal their origins; they speak in disguised language of secrets too terrible for words.”

    As a further rebuttal please consider that our human brain is still developing well into our 20s. Check out this article in Science Daily:

    “Some brain wiring continues to develop well into our 20s”

    Story Summary: The human brain doesn’t stop developing at adolescence, but continues well into our 20s, demonstrates recent research. It has been a long-held belief in medical communities that the human brain stopped developing in adolescence. But now there is evidence that this is in fact not the case.

    Thank you Dave for your continued advocacy and insight to expose these harmful Myths!


  7. The public needs to know there are very high pro-file pro sex offender groups whose members are called “minutemen”. The bombard any article that proposes stronger legislation and harsher repercussions for these crimes and they “pose” as regular citizens. The most vocal groups are W.A.R. (womenagainstregistry) RSOL (anystate) ReformSexOffenderLaws, U.S.A. Fair, Florida Action Committee (Gail Colletta) and Sosen. The members of these groups are comprised of sex offenders convicted of the most heinous of crimes and or their family members. Thier mission is to abolish the registry and make the punishment for sexually based crimes equal to that of a parking ticket. Its imperative you know who these members are and what their agenda is.


  8. The vast ignorance of the statements is beyond comprehension. Trust me as a survivor of sexual abuse as a child when I say this it is bankable. The abuse changed everything and none of it was beneficial in any shape form or fashion to me as a child or after I was “safe”. I personally have never felt safe since I waas the 9 yr old being raped. Sorry excuse for human beings trying to justify their filthy appetite for innocence destoryed. This sickens and angers me beyond any recent bs other than the Dupont heir being allowed to get away with the rape of his 3 yr old. Never knew hateful willful evil was given the consideration of a voice of import.


  9. I wanted to add something that I only found yesterday on a “vile site” that re-enforces my initial post on groups who “sympathize” with abusers and then go on to minimize the acts in their efforts to make sex with children mainstream. ” Unless one is in the trenches” on this issue the majority of the public has no clue how devious and far to the extreme Pro-pedophile groups will go to “condition society” to accept these atrocious crimes and the people who commit them.
    2012 saw the uniting of SOSEN, RSOL and WAR to form a more united front .
    Quote From Nambla website (BOYCHAT):

    As explained in an earlier post about B4U-ACT,(pedophile group) progress will come in small steps. B4U-ACT is working on getting improved mental health services for MAPs(minor attracted people) who want them. That is important. Here “we” have RSOL doing their part by working to modify the inhuman, unconstitutional, and counterproductive registration laws. If they can get rid of registration laws, that will do more good for pedophiles than almost anything to date.
    Posted by Shrink Wrap (pedophile) on 2012-September-12 11:04:24, Wednesday

    These groups WAR, (womenagainstregistry) RSOL (reformsexoffenderlaws) SOSEN (sex offender solutions and Education Network) and many more
    are dangerous very vocal groups. They appear on any article featuring sex offenders and the laws that pertain to them. It’s important to counterpoint their propaganda on public forums.


  10. In Holland one such group was just prohibited by law. The group was called Martijn and they were all about minimizing the effect of child sexual abuse on children, idealizing pedofilia and even trying to change the laws.

    I’m not usually in favor of prohibition of any group, but I’ll make an exception for this one. Normalizing child sexual abuse is very threatening to children.


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