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Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal. We work to expose sexual predators and their methods of getting into our lives.

Video of Admitted Child Molester in Jehovah’s Witnesses


More unfortunate proof that NO religion, denomination, or group of ANY kind is immune from the plague that is childhood sexual abuse (CSA). When will we as a nation finally take a stand and DEMAND that our children be protected and these pedophiles and sexual predators be prosecuted. Because up to now, it’s been the other way around. These same institutions that are supposed to be the protectors of our kids, victimize them further and hide these atrocities at any costs.

Please folks, wake up. Don’t wait until its your child or one that you know before you take action. Join us at TWH, or join some group working toward the same goal. 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys in the US alone are sexually abused before the age of 18. If that number doesn’t get your attention, maybe this one will, those numbers mean between 55 and 70 MILLION people alive today in the US are survivors of CSA. If that doesn’t get your attention obviously either nothing will, you don’t care or you don’t believe it.

But if you do, help us help protect our kids and get these survivors the help they need to begin to heal. And stand up, let your voices be heard by your lawmakers in making REAL change. Demand that there be NO Statute of Limitations on sex crimes against children. Until that happens and we actually prosecute these predators, no effective change will take place.

Author: Together We Heal

In 2006 David took the first step in a long and painful journey back from the abyss of addiction and self-destruction. He promised his dying father that he would get clean. And he did. But as he cleaned his body and soul, he began to confront the sexual abuse that his addiction had for so long obscured — abuse perpetrated by a church youth minister when David was 12 to 15 years old. Those three years of abuse destroyed the foundation of love and faith that had been built by his family. For 25 years, David kept the abuse secret and lost himself in a fog of drugs and alcohol. He was by turns destitute, at times incarcerated. The promise to his dying father was the catalyst. And the bedrock of his mother’s love and devotion was the foundation on which David rebuilt his life. Therapy, 12-step meetings, and soul-deep determination were the bricks and mortar. David founded Together We Heal to provide fellow survivors and their families, guidance through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. In 2015 he was asked to become a part of the Child Safeguarding Initiative team with GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse. David represents Together We Heal & GRACE across the country as a public speaker and instructor; teaching churches, schools, and families how to talk with their kids about sexual abuse, how to better identify predatory behavior, and how to properly respond to those harmed. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Seuss

3 thoughts on “Video of Admitted Child Molester in Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. David you are right that society has to speak up, break the cycle… so we as adults of CSA need to tackle this a different way… while we heal our own wounds… WE need to bring out those parents who are self medicating because they are afraid of the consequences if they do speak up. You love your spouse, you love your family, you love your children (no particuliar order is intended) but CSA happens when parents just are not aware, are not aware of the signs, children are better educated in their schools then parents are. It is one thing to have one person to come forward, but it is another when a clan comes together for one cause. Maybe start a link of CSA who are or have been involved with a suspected abuse, what to do about it in the most discreet way possible…. Your passion on this path is joined with my passion in modern sexual slavery, especially against child… the cycle continues, if not in the extreme of sexual predatory behavior, other behaviors of phusical and mental abuse on other. I am with you 90% in your cause. You know many parents missed the cue… when the child wants to speak and there is a call, hold on, if there is a show one is watching, hold on, if there is dinner on the stove, hold on, if laundry needs to go in the dryer, hold on…. the child walks away figuring it is useless, or the abuser never allows that alone time with the victim… so many angles to tackle here but it is hard turning in someone you know for a crime, let alone someone you care about, love maybe alittle more than a child.


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  3. Everywhere in the world can certain adults have the dangerous and harmful idea that he/she can abuse a child and get away with it.
    But …. the child does remember and never forgets!


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