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Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal. We work to expose sexual predators and their methods of getting into our lives.

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The Abused Addict: CSA info too important to miss!

Radio Show Recording with David Pittman and Rachel Grant – January 29th, 2014

The Abused Addict: One Man’s Journey of Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Discovering the Correlation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse/Addiction

We cover not only abuse and addiction, but also issues with sexuality, access to counseling, sexual predators grooming kids for abuse, churches that protect sexual predators, creating support groups in your local areas and so much more! Please set aside some time to listen to what I genuinely believe is valuable information for both survivors of childhood sexual abuse and those that love them.

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The Breakfast Club 2.0

A black opera singer, a religion/philosophy major and homecoming queen walk into a bar. No, it’s not the beginning of a tired joke, nor did they walk into a bar. Actually, they and about 5-6 other people from equally different backgrounds sat in a student center of a private, liberal arts university. This conglomeration of typical American diversity decided to call themselves “The Breakfast Club.” Those of you old enough to get the movie reference will appreciate what they meant. For those that don’t, all you need to know is what they were, what they thought they knew and what they would all eventually become would not always be what was anticipated, assumed or expected. Life is full of surprises that way.

For those, who at the age of 18, declare themselves as Religion/Philosophy majors, the irony in it is that they think they know it all already. And yes, I speak from personal experience. What I learned over the next 7 years, was that I not only didn’t know it all, I hardly knew a thing. And to this very day I am constantly learning more and seeing things as I never have before. Thank goodness for that!

How sad would it be to have at 18 the complete understanding of all humanity. What a burden to bear with so little skills as yet gained. Over those 7 years I lived a couple of lifetimes. The college years are like that for most. Like a whole other life. It’s where most learn what they really believe, as opposed to what mommy and daddy told them. Some fall in lockstep with traditional roles. Doctors, lawyers, teachers – then there’s the rest of us. Those who didn’t figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up. I thought I had. Finished with a degree in journalism. Was going to charge hell with a squirt gun and take on all the worlds wrongs and injustices. I felt the “pen was mightier than the sword” philosophy would serve me well as i headed into the profession of broadcasting and journalism. Silly thing happened along the way. Got a shocking jolt of reality. People, at least those in power, don’t really want some sniveling nosed youngster stirring the pot and messing things up. Then a very sad thing happened. I, like so many others, got disillusioned. You think to yourself, it doesn’t really matter what I do because nothing’s going to change.

So we settle. We settle for a “job” that pays bills. We settle for a spouse who will tolerate us. We settle for an apartment because we don’t want to sacrifice what it would take to get a house. We settle, we settle, we settle. Any of this sound familiar? What happened to those dreams and aspirations of our youth? Of being a marine biologist, or a romance novelists or whatever your big idea was? We got disillusioned and settled. Screw that Carpe Diem BS, I got a power bill to pay!

Then 1 year becomes 5. 1 kid becomes 3. And now your 20 yrs. down the road, kids almost grown, and you’ve quite rightly “settled” in to this life. So what now. And why now? Why now are all those thoughts from my childhood creeping back into my mind? Why? Because now there’s nothing to distract me. No midnight keg party, no late night rendezvous, no diapers to change, no soccer practices, no business luncheons, no nothing. Just me and my thoughts.

Now I have the time to remember all the vile things done to me by my abuser. And the really, REALLY crappy thing about it…it’s too late to prosecute them. For you see, back in “our” day the statute of limitations ran out by the time we were 18, or maybe 23 in some places. But it’s too late now. So why bother? Why? Because as you sit here reading this, and as I’m writing it, they are probably already grooming another little “you” and another little “me”. Pedophiles don’t stop. They don’t get fixed. There is no cure.

I still have the majority of those friends who called themselves “The Breakfast Club”. I’m blessed in that. And even more so, they all have been willing to join me in this fight to protect children and help survivors of abuse. So, it took me a little longer than most to figure out what I was going to be when I grew up. Better late than never, right?

So it’s up to me, it’s up to you, it’s up to all of us as adults to stop them. To do what those children can’t do for themselves, speak up. Name your abuser, if it’s a possibility. Tell anyone who is in earshot who they are, what they did and warn those around them. If its not something that can be done, then reach out to other survivors to help them. Help educate the public and those around you about CSA. The children of this generation deserve our protection. And I’m not asking you to do something I’ve not been willing to do myself. I have made sure all those who are around my abuser know EXACTLY what he did to me and many other little boys. Please keep in mind that I’m only asking this of those who are in a healthy enough place to do so. Not those who have just come to terms with what happened.

And I’m asking the same of every person reading this who wasn’t a victim of CSA, but wants to know what they can do to help. Extend your reach to help groups like ours and others, volunteer your time, give of your talents, your resources, whatever you have at your disposal to help those in need.

And once you have gotten to that place of strength and confidence, ask yourself…

…as Sean Connery told Kevin Costner in the movie “The Untouchables” when all hell was about to break loose…

…”What are you prepared to do?”

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The Abused Addict: One Man’s Journey of Recovery from Sexual Abuse

The Abused Addict: One Man’s Journey of Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Discovering the Correlation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse/Addiction

Join us for this free 90 minute teleseminar
January 29, 6p PT / 9p ET

Do you struggle with coming to terms with the pain of childhood sexual abuse and facing the demon of addiction at the same time?

Do you ask yourself, “Why me? Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? I was just a kid, why did you do this to me?”

If so, I hope you will join me for this teleseminar with David Pittman, Executive Director of Together We Heal and beyond survivor of sexual abuse and addiction.

During this free 90 minute teleseminar, David will share several positive tools that are necessary for a healthy recovery from both childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse/addiction.

You will learn:

What are some of the greatest challenges faced by survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
What exactly is an “Abused Addict”?
How do you look to the past to give yourself a future?
Who or what is “Together We Heal” and how might they help me?

As a special bonus, David will leave time at the end of his talk to answer your questions, so be sure to join the call live. If you are not able to join us live, go ahead and register and you will receive the recording.

This call is perfect for you if: You are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and have struggled with substance abuse/addiction or you want to move forward in your recovery but feel stuck at times and don’t know why.

It is David’s hope and desire for you to be able to come to terms with this simultaneous struggle with childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse. To realize that you CAN overcome the powerlessness you felt having been victimized as a child and give up the thought that you can control your substance abuse. You can make radical and amazing changes as you take back your life and realize your ability to make powerful choices about who you are and how you live.

I hope you will join David and I for this free event January 29th, 6p PT / 9p ET.

See you there,


Please sign me up for the free teleclass
The Abused Addict

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Want To Reduce Mental Illness? Want To Save The World? Address Trauma.

I just finished reading this article by Dr. Laura Kerr and wanted to share it with you. In it, she brings to light what all of us who have survived childhood sexual abuse understand all too well, that trauma takes a tremendous toll on us. I won’t attempt to give my own interpretation on it as 1) You are all intelligent thinkers and 2) Her words stand alone without me needing to pontificate. 🙂

Please read this insightful article on the underlying issue that faces so many…trauma.


First National “Everything for Dads” Convention 2014

I’m proud to announce Together We Heal is the sponsor for this amazing event in Sarasota, Florida on March 15th, 2014.

This is a one day event, a dynamic celebration of fatherhood. Hosted by NFL and TV Reality Star Hank Baskett, and Tampa Bay 10 News Anchor Reginald Roundtree. With VIP Special Guest NFL Star Plaxico Buress and more celebrity dads to be announced, plus other amazing speakers, experts; This collaborative event will celebrate, raise awareness, educate and inform fathers just like yourself about “real” dad parenting for the 21st Century!

Here’s your opportunity to hang out with inspiring and committed dads and experts who want dads from all walks of life to share and learn more about what truly unites us all – being the best father you can be.

I will be giving my presentation on “How To Talk with Your Kids about Childhood Sexual Abuse” and providing the accompanying Childhood Sexual Abuse forms to use to help better protect your kids from sexual predators. It’s an easy to follow, 7-step process that any dad/parent can follow to approach this delicate topic with your kids.

Make sure to get registered now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from some great dads and dedicated advocates and experts.

Dave Pittman grab button Convention 2014 STYLE 2 corrected

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Who Matters To You?

What are their names? Who are they to you? Your mentors, guides or tormentors? No matter their role in your life, they all had a significant impact on you…for good or bad. And whether they fell on the wrong or right side of the “life” tracks, they all shaped who you became.

For me, on the plus side; Granddaddy, Mom and Dad (Jim or RJ depending on when you knew him), Melvin, Doc Allee, Cindy, David and Mrs. C (although I could never call him David, only Mr. as I have so much respect for him), Ken, Fred, Ricky and Johnnie, and Susan. Each has been a significant contributor into the man I became. Who are yours? Write down their names. Think about their faces.

And of those, how many are still around and which are not and have found peace eternal? If they are still alive and kicking, remember what they’ve done for you and thank them. Let them know how much you appreciate their time, energy, focus and sacrifices they gave or made to encourage you along the way.

For those who are not…YOU are their legacy. They live on by how you live your life. Honoring their lives with yours. They live on in our memories, hearts and in some cases the lives of children they had. But mostly, they “live” through what actions we take based on lessons learned from them.

On the negative side of my life; Frankie, Madeline, Jeannie. And who is on your list? They too have a piece in this puzzle. If it weren’t for the struggles, adversity and pain caused, you wouldn’t have the endurance, fortitude and strength to know you CAN carry on in spite of what happened.

So why do I bring this up. It’s that time year again, New Years, and with it the onslaught of resolutions that will be mentioned, sworn to and then ultimately fall by the wayside by February. Unless, you really think about those people I mentioned. This year, forget about the gym memberships, junk food and drinking too many cokes. This year, think about these people. Think about what you have learned and how you can help others by living your life by the example they taught or by knowing how NOT to think, speak or act based on what you saw from their lives and/or how they treated others.

So here’s my resolutions. To remember the lessons my granddaddy taught me and try to be just half the man he was. If I do that, I’ll be just fine. To thank my mom everyday for being the amazing mom and woman she is and for giving me the opportunity to have a great relationship with my dad, even though at times he didn’t deserve it. To remember the good side of my dad and be appreciative of the talents he passed on to me and use them for good. To apply the lessons I learned about being a man from Mel and Ricky. And to apply the guidance that Doc, Ken and Fred gave me about being a positive spiritual or business leader. And to remember what I learned by simply observing Johnnie’s daily walk. To try and be as kind and tender-hearted as she is. Over the years we, or at least I, have become a bit jaded, and I want to be more like her, more sensitive to the needs of those that need and not to be so quick to judge. And for Susan, without her keen insight into addiction I might not be clean today, or even alive. So I will continue to lead a narcotic free life, one day at a time, and pass along to my fellow addicts lessons learned in the hopes of helping them avoid incarceration, hospitalization and morgues.

From those extreme challenges, those negative influences, I also need to take action. Madeline taught me a valuable lesson or two. First, that you CAN overcome ANY obstacle in your path when you face it in the right state of mind and with no hesitation moving forward. Second, that sometimes working within the system is more successful but takes longer and other times you simply have to break the mold, charge Hell with a squirt gun and challenge the establishment if your convictions and heart are pure. But think long and hard about which approach is appropriate in any given situation. Jeannie taught me no matter how broken a heart gets, it can eventually heal and you can find love afterwords if you open yourself up to it. And last, from the monster, Frankie, I learned that there is no tragedy a child can’t overcome. There is so much resiliency in the human spirit and in the heart of a child, that no matter how large the evil, goodness CAN overcome. But not without love and support from others.

To do all I can with Together We Heal to help my fellow survivors of childhood sexual abuse begin their own healing process and learn how to grow and thrive.

And there is one last resolution I have. It’s kind of important. As many of you know I am engaged to my sweetheart, my loving and kind Linda Mary. I resolve to be the man, fiancé and husband she needs and deserves. To show her that love every day in some way. And to let her know how much I appreciate her and am grateful for her love.

In actuality, there’s so many names of people that have helped me along the way that it would take up pages and pages. And I know I can’t keep you here that long, I’m thankful for you all. And I hope you see in my life the positive reflection of what you taught me.

It’s my sincere belief that if you make this type of resolution, if you do this, and I mean REALLY do it, the junk food, gym and other stuff will take care of itself. Be well, peace be with you all and may 2014 truly be a blessed year for us all.

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